Welcome to The Birmingham
Coffee Roaster

Kickstart your Event with Speciality Grade Coffee Drinks,
a beautiful 1977 Coffee Wagon
and an exceedingly pleasant Barista

A Little Bit About Us

It All Started Here...

 After finding the Peugeot J7, we needed some experts to get it running again.

(Thank you ToTa Classics).

Then We Did This...

Converted a campervan into a coffee wagon piece by piece.

And Added Some Sparkle

We need to see what we're doing at those late night events don't we? 

Health and Safety etc...

And Now...

We Started in Birmingham

 In the beautiful Victoria Square in the centre of Birmingham City. 

Appeared on Television

 Made in Birmingham TV and National Geographic Channel. 

Made It Official

 By joining the National Caterers Association to ensure that our standards are high, and kept there. 

And Since...

Always Gets Attention At Every Event

The Wagon's quirky and the Coffee is awesome, (not that we're bragging - we're just incredibly proud). 

There's Always Something New To Learn

There's no time to be complacent but always time to find out something new about coffee.  

We Went a Little Bit Solar

 It's still work in progress but it's converting some juice to power the coffee machine and grinder. Small steps! 

And We're Always Experimenting

Like this Delicious Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Made with a double espresso, a shard of ice and a dash of condensed milk. 

Or This Crème brûlée Cortado

 With a crunchy caramelised top. 

And A Simple 'Cool Short'

 A refreshing drink made with single espresso, a dash of chilled mineral water and a cube of ice.  

Events Ideas For You

English Heritage, Witley Court, Worcestershire

Events We've Supported:

Music Festivals, Foodie Festivals, Vehicle Festivals, Fine Food Markets, Weddings and other Private Functions, Corporate Events, Special Bank Holiday Events, Christmas Events, Sporting Events and Carnivals.   

The Wagon is Available Throughout the Year

You might have an event happening we haven't mentioned here but don't be put off by a small detail like this

...we just haven't thought of it yet! 

Drop us a line below and find out what we can do to 

support your event or email us directly at:


If You'd Like To Book The Wagon

Or just make a quick enquiry; this is where you do it....

The Birmingham Coffee Roaster Ltd

Halesowen, West Midlands, United Kingdom

07752 466 554